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Ảnh hưởng của chất lượng dịch vụ tới sự hài lòng khách hàng bệnh nhân nhi tại bệnh viện nhi Hải Dương - Việt Nam (ENG)


The main purpose of this thesis is to research on the satisfaction of the patients with factors of service quality in SERVQUAL model in Hai Duong Children’s Hospital in Vietnam.

The research method used in this thesis is quantitative research with some statistical step of data analysis and processing such as: descriptive statistics, scale verification, factor analysis, correlation analysis, and regression analysis. The supporting software is SPSS 20.0.

The research results showed that the satisfaction of patients with disease diagnosis and treatment of the hospital was affected by four factors including: (1) assurance, (2) empathy, (3) responsiveness, and (4) tangibles. The factor “reliability” has no impact on general satisfaction of the patients. These factors positively influence the satisfaction of the patients with services.

The research results also showed no differences between groups of different age, income, job and education level.

In addition, the research also pointed out the limitations and directtions for further researches.

Keywords: the satisfaction of patients, healthcare, service quality, SERVQUAL.

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