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Information Safety, Corporate Image, and Intention to Use Online Services: Evidence from Travel Industry in Vietnam



The decline in the physical office space for travel agencies in developed countries has been accompanied with increases in e-travel services offered online. A similar revolution can be expected in developing countries, such as Vietnam. But what will drive consumer action in these countries? While linkages between corporate image and information safety have been proposed to online buying intentions, the area has research gaps, which are investigated in this paper. We used a Technology Adoption based model with corporate image and information safety, and investigated e-travel services adoption among Vietnamese students. Our sample consists of 548 responses obtained from a survey conducted at a university in Vietnam. The results show that information safety, but interestingly not corporate image, links to e-travel services adoption. We discuss the reasons and propose future research opportunities in this area.

Keywords Intention to use service, corporate image, information safety, Vietnam.


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